Who Am I?

My name is Joshua Rushing. I am an aspiring difference-maker. There is nothing all that extraordinary about me, but I want to make an impact on my small part of the world. I created this blog during my junior year of college to enable me to have a place to empty my thoughts. That didn't... Continue Reading →

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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been and what have I been up to? I am sure these are questions you have been asking yourself over and over. Kidding. Let's be honest, you forgot that I even write blogs. You might even be here because you accidentally clicked on a link. No worries. I will do my best... Continue Reading →

A Life Lived On Purpose

I have started this specific blog post numerous times. I have not been able to get my intro just right. I have struggled to articulate my thoughts as clearly as I want, and I am a bit worried about the reactions I could receive from this post. My goal in this post is not to... Continue Reading →

What Is Holding You Back?

Fear: the great thief, and crusher of dreams, the ultimate debilitator. So many of our adventures or accomplishments never take place because we are defeated by fear before the journey has even begun. How many adventures or life changing experiences are we missing because we are not willing to take that first step, jump out... Continue Reading →

The Value of the Gospel

My wife and I love to discuss things. We have some of the most random conversations you can imagine. But we also have some really deep conversations. One of the recurring themes of our discussions recently has been this, "What is it worth for you to see the Gospel advanced?" This question has been nagging... Continue Reading →

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