Who Am I?

My name is Joshua Rushing. I am an aspiring difference-maker. There is nothing all that extraordinary about me, but I want to make an impact on my small part of the world. I created this blog during my junior year of college to enable me to have a place to empty my thoughts. That didn’t work out so well. I was not super dedicated. But this is my chance for a restart. So let’s see what this blog thing is all about.

This blog is the place where I can just write. It might not all make complete sense, but I am writing what is inside my head. My mind likes to think about a lot of things all at once. It gets quite crowded. It usually helps me understand the jumbled mess that is my brain when I let my fingers do the thinking. I am writing what I am thinking to hopefully gain a better understanding of the problem and maybe a solution. You have the opportunity to see a glimpse of the lunacy!

I plan to catalog the thoughts, adventures, and accomplishments of my life. I can guarantee the posts will vary wildly in length and topic. So if you are looking for cohesion please try to decipher someone else’s thoughts! Feel free to comment and discuss on any of my posts! I love discussion.


I hope this blog makes you laugh. I hope it makes you smile. I hope it makes you ask questions. I just want to share my thoughts and be honest. I want to inspire someone to serve Christ with all that they are! That is the greatest adventure of them all.


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